Real Estate Wholesalers Have a Voice Online, Link Plug and Real Estate

Real estate wholesaling is a mix of three main things that are done seemingly every day. 1) Reach out to buyer networks. 2) Follow guru’s and education courses. 3) Market constantly. I have personally seen success and failure in all these categories as I explored the world of real estate wholesaling full time (and then part time) then full time again.

So there are the traditional strategies of direct mail, bandit signs, and Craigslist diving that has permeated the wholesaling environment for everyone just starting off, and growth has brought new potential avenues. These include hiring a call screening company among other things.

Yet one of the hardest areas seasoned wholesalers have to conquer seems to be the Internet. Only a select few have capitalized on web marketing. Fortunately, I can personally attest to the virtues of Link Plug in promoting. Wholesalers that work on a high level need a constant flow of properties. Link Plug makes that natural connection by plugging into relevant and important real estate content. It is all about building bridges to other wholesalers and home sellers.

Reaching Motivated Home Sellers

It is such a natural engagement to find home sellers on the Internet. I am a motivated home seller in the process of pre-foreclosure. I am researching ways to get out of foreclosure, and debt management resources. I find a great article ranking the best tips to get out and avoid foreclosure before it is too late. Before that I am prompted by a user’s Link Plug. This user is a real estate wholesaler and her plug says ‘Want to Avoid Foreclosure? Sell Your Home for Cash Quick and Fast.”

Now this is the most generic example to provide an overall idea. But this is not blatant marketing that gurus and real estate web specialists have been offering for years now. This is an organic way to go TO the exact audience and demographic by offering a value, and not force them to come to you.

Places to Send Traffic To As a Real Estate Master

You are seeking to drive traffic to your main website or to promote email sign-ups through a call-to-action. The main idea as a wholesaler is to get that phone ringing. You can use Twitter by proxy. For example, you are sharing content that your audience is inherently interested in, and you are attaching a blurb for your website prior to the content appearing. Viewers are already getting an overview of what the company is and what the need is. All they REALLY need now is the contact page. A direct link to that main page is necessary here.

Users can also integrate a hyperlink over the phone number that prompts the call directly. Motivated home sellers are not looking to go through more steps to get their needs fulfilled.

Real Estate Gurus Provide an Unlimited Supply of Content

Real estate wholesalers are typically aware of the vast army of the best real estate podcasts, the smartest real estate industry gurus, and the quickest home selling video series that coat the web. Some of the most popular include:

  • Flip 2 Freedom
  • Bigger Pockets
  • Buy Sell Fix Flip
  • The Real Estate Guys
  • Flip Nerd

These gurus, led by individuals such as Rick Otton and Than Merril, offer a constant stream of perfect Link Plug worthy content. Simply share their latest podcast or blog to your feed and see the phone ringing with individuals providing great new 70% deals. Users looking at this information will be prompted to see a wholesaler’s latest and best web piece.

Now home sellers are not looking at these gurus for information. But who is? The practicing and developing real estate wholesalers are- the young guy you werte just a few years ago when you were battling and learning how to do real estate wholesaling in a competitive city.

These plugs hit the two core demographics hard as a practicing high-level wholesaler- the home sellers and the guys out there struggling to learn and sell their contracted home. It is an incredible win on both fronts for real estate marketing through social media.

Written by: Ryan
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