Make the Beat Bigger: How Your Music Can Captivate a Larger Audience

Your latest song is probably your absolute best, but no one seems interested. You may even have a small audience, but not enough plays on SoundCloud and not enough traction to go on a mini-tour. Being a musician is almost absurdly difficult, but it is what you love. You want nothing more than to turn your art into something you can live on. You aren’t trying to be Taylor Swift. You just want to live and play without worrying about a job.

Being a musician is partly marketing, especially if you want to make a career out of it. You can be in a rock band. You can be a solo musician, or a beatmaker that spends the majority of her time in front of a monitor. We are all musicians.

Link Plug is a masterful tool to help you focus on the art of making music. You can be successful. You can captivate a larger audience through your music. You just need to have the tools to make it happen.

Convenient Social Media Advertising

We have all heard the word ‘engagement’ in reference to social media. It is the grand idea that people want to interact with content that appears in social media, and they want to feel heard. The battle becomes one of convenience. Buying a Facebook advertisement that sits along the side of the screen (obscured by competitors) is a rather unfriendly way to build an audience. But it is convenient. True and long term success may begin with Facebook and general social media adverts, but it evolves and grows through engagement.

Walk-Through and Tips for Marketing as a Musician

Link Plug offers that opportunity. Yet social media works because people care about the content they care about. It sounds so simple, and Link Plug falls right into that. You, as a musician, can focus on the hard work of making music and then sharing that great music and other related content. Link Plug does the heavy loading of marketing the content. Let me explain.

  1. You just finished your latest song. You are deciding on how to launch this song to the world. You decide to showcase a thirty second snippet to help build buzz. Your song is heavy in processed guitar. No real guitar work here, and it is the main melody of the track.
  2. You find a really cool article that discusses the best fake guitar lines recorded. You want to share that article with your audience because it’s relevant, odd, and engaging. They may share it to their followers and etc.
  3. You plug your new track snippet with the article and post it in your social media feeds. When visitors click on that article heading and URL (the one they want to engage with and read) they will see an ad for your latest track snippet. If someone re-shares the article

You are automatically advertising to every visitor to that clicks on that link. And the advertisement meshes with the content and is not a blatant and obnoxious ad.

These adverts are combined with parallel content to help grow that audience. This growth will appear in more iTunes downloads, more streams on Spotify as a musician, more likes on Facebook, etc. The plug can ‘plug’ into any of these feeds to focus the success in a certain direction. Sharing is the most brilliant and useful way to captivate an audience. The truth is that quality content matters. It is not all about your song. You attach your content to other great content to see success.

So How Can Link Plug Help a Growing Musician Attract Fans?

  • It helps you focus on the content and less on the marketing
  • It helps minimize shameless self-promotion by attaching to quality and relevant content
  • It helps to attract fans through something they know they want to see and hear, and not something they are being told to enjoy

Music fans are fickle. But if they come across a new musician or track in an organic way, they can be fans for life. This is about long term audience building. Your songs can become something really important in the genre community if they are built with a great foundation.

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Written by: Ryan
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