3 Often Overlooked Tips for Scheduling Your Social Media Time

There is just too much to do every single day, and information overload can cause our brains to slowly melt out our ears. This is occurring, of course, as we tweet a kitty massaging a Chihuahua or respond to a passive-aggressive picture from a friend that prompts a text conversation that explodes into a drama-infused disaster. The social world is a complicated place, and we sort of like it like that.

But it could definitely be a little easier. There are really two fundamental reasons that everyone uses social media. It could be to either promote something or interact with friends and find awesome things (basically, as a marketer or a user). The below strategies apply to both groups- people that need to smell the fresh air every once in awhile but still enjoy what is going on, as well as those people that want to make their time in front of the screen quick and efficient.

1. Minimize the Times You Click Away

What is the biggest culprit in taking you away from what you were doing already? It is the outbound links to fun articles about the top 10 scariest photos or the craziest things in the ocean. We all want to see a video of a shark eating a seal, but where do we draw the line? These are time consuming because they a) lead you away from the main page and b) require some studying and reading through. It is worse when everyone organizes one image per page and navigating through the ads becomes maze-like and nauseating. Facebook is especially vulnerable to these article links that seem more interesting from the headline but they rarely deliver. As a marketer, just stay away. You have better things to do. As a user, how many funny YouTube videos do you really need? There is someone across the table from you wanting your attention.

2. Pre-Lunch Social Time!

There is always going to be something interesting on the Internet. An endless flow of thought-provoking tweets, Pinterest recipes, sexy Instagram photos, or artistic Facebook photo galleries will steal you away from whatever you probably should be doing instead. The suggestion here is to take 15 minutes before lunch to play around on whatever social page/s you desire. After the oven is done or time is up, you need to put it away. You know there were interesting things before and after, but you missed them. They will be there tomorrow. Create a structure for social; media time around another activity (lunch is only an example). This way you make it fun and an event, instead of just whenever you have a free minute. When it comes to funny photos, there always seems to be a little extra free time.

3. Minimize Your Follows

There was a trend that may have partly led to the destruction of MySpace. Users made it a contest to follow as many people as possible. This still exists in some platforms, and it is somewhat counter-intuitive to the whole point. If you find yourself spending too much time on social media, try unfollowing people. Unlike their page. Click the green unfollow on Twitter. Delete them from the universe and follow celebrities, brands, and real life friends that you legitimately respect and enjoy.

It makes things a lot simpler. And at the end of the day, is that not the point of social media- to interact easier and see more with quick ease?

Written by: Ryan
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