Facebook & Twitter: the New Juggernauts of Mobile Advertising

Seems like everything is going mobile. Since the dawn of the Internet we have all been able to forecast the growing integration of things to the Internet, hence the term “the Internet of things”. Business and products continue to leverage this utility, which is the most revolutionary tool since the mechanical engine, which sparked the Industrial revolution. An interesting question thus arises; how will companies start to advertise, an intrinsic part of business, as things get smaller and smaller.

As we continue shifting our use to mobile technologies, the display canvas is diminishing. Clearly slapping a banner ad with your company logo doesn’t work anymore. Banner ads have become so universally hated that Yahoo recently abandoned the banner ad, a service they helped pioneer, shifting their focus to native ads.

Native Ads as the best solution for advertising on mobile and desktop?

Native ads are a bit less intrusive and are inserted within the content you are consuming. They are similar to facebook and twitter ads labeled “suggested” or “recommended” that appear as you scroll through your newsfeed. Ideally native ads are very useful for retargeting but… there is one major problem.

Retargeting ads work well on the desktop, due to cookies, however mobile operating systems are a bit trickier. Android does allow third-party cookies however iOS does not, which accounts for roughly half of mobile users.

Apple iOS does not allow third party cookies

Previously popular social networks.

Apple has made some recent changes to help companies looking to target their audience by allowing third parties to see/track the habits of user on the app store. In other words if you placed a Michael Kors watch into your shopping cart in a Nordstrom App they could then retarget you with the same watch, promoting you to buy it, while you play Angry Birds.

Apple has opened this avenue for retargeting to incentivize more app creation, by providing a clearer monetization route. But if businesses are hoping to get the same treatment from Apple, they may have to wait till Tim Cooks steps down.

“Our business model is very straightforward: We sell great products. We don’t build a profile based on your email content or Web browsing habits to sell to advertisers. We don’t “monetize” the information you store on your iPhone or in iCloud.” -Tim Cooks

So do businesses say, “Fuck it” and not try to market to iOS users?

Mobile advertising is a big market

Not sure that will be case considering that mobile is so lucrative. According to BuzzCity, 77% of Mobile users claim that mobile ads help them make purchasing decisions, stating that mobile ads can often be very informative and helpful in purchase decisions.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) stated that mobile ads alone accounted from $2.29 billion in revenue in Q4 2013. Fast forward a couple months, the IAB reported that the digital ad revenue increase by 15% to $23.1 billion with mobile seeing a 76% jump, which is with Apple’s current advertising roadblocks.

Looking to the near future it seems the emerging technology for mobile advertising can be summed up in two words, Facebook and Twitter, but not by means of social network advertising but by using social networks as “cookies” for retargeting.

Facebook & Twitter, the future of mobile advertising

Previously popular social networks.

It is possible, nay likely, that in the near future these two juggernauts will be the primary source of “cookies” for mobile advertising. If Twitter’s $350M acquisition of MoPub is an indication the near future may be now.

MoPub specialized in providing native ads and interstitial ads to their clients. Twitter plans on using social data from their customers to serve better ads not only on Twitter but also for other companies looking to retarget their users…anywhere! As Zach Coelius, CEO of ad retargeting company Triggit stated,

“If you’re a publisher who doesn’t have an identity layer on mobile, you’re going to have to pay [Twitter] the toll,”

These social media Juggernauts have been yielding good margins for ecommerce and fortune 500 companies, as they continue to ramp up their pricing. What about the rest of us? Is there a better way to engage and promote on social media. Facebook and Twitter already have high cost per clicks and will no real competition in site it will be interesting to see if their pricing will get better or worse.

Mobile advertising for the rest of us

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Written by: Edwin
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