Has There Ever Been a Better Time to Get Noticed on the Internet?

Harry Truman once said, “There is nothing new in this world except history you do not know.”

Applying this principle to life and business we see start to see an overlying theme concerning great ideas and products that didn’t quite meet their creators aspirations. When a potentially revolutionary creation is cultivated, then does not meet expectations often we look to blame the team, founders, investors or business practices.

Many times however the culprit is lurking in the economic environment. Was it the right time, place or scenario? Ideas are a dime a dozen and to think that we have come up with an idea that has never been conjured before would be presumptuous of us to say the least.

The culprits in failure are two-fold, can you Execute the idea Effectively and more importantly the question, “Is this the Right Time?

Historically we can look at successful companies that launched products before the consumers could see the value. Microsoft launched their tablet PC about a decade before Apple’s iPad yet completely flopped. Yes, the tablet was clunky, it didn’t have many applications and was initially geared for business use; however the main culprit was revealed during the Jobs and Gates interview with Charlie Rose:

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on stage.

Rose asked Gates, “You thought about a table and a touch system way before Steve Jobs?”

Way too early” Gates responded.

Of course Execution is a vital aspect just look at Facebook’s triumph over other social networks such as SixDegrees, Friendster and most notably MySpace. Facebook in large part was success by not taking the investor route and letting the market decide what type of social network they wanted opposed to allowing MBA grads dictate what people wanted, like Myspace.

Previously popular social networks.

Despite the Execution however something can be said about the fortuitous timing that Facebook experienced considering MySpace did a lot of the heavy lifting educating the public on the utility of social media; without this it’s arguable that Facebook would not have had the success it had.

Here at LinkPlug we are not claiming to invent the wheel however we are claiming that Now more than Ever is the time to start getting more value and recognition from your audience in the Content or Links you Share. I love social media, as much as the next guy, hell I was a teenager during the MySpace movement thus social is hardwired into me. However since it is hardwired into me I routinely see it’s benefits and fallacies. One of the most prominent problems seen is the current disparity in value when content is shared.

Social media’s most evident utility is its ability to help the laymen find information and resources that once were limited to well-connected individuals or Internet junkies and hackers who would scour the Internet daily. Currently however the people that gain the most value on social media are Content Creators and Content Consumers.

Content Creators deservingly get a lot of value for creating content and seek to keep the readers attention on their native webpage. Secondly Content Consumers (i.e. All of us) get value from the content sharing when we find awesome content that provide us value. But wait… there is someone missing in the equation, what about the advocates for the content. What about the content curators that weed through the Bullshit articles and share content worth reading? Oh right, they all work for Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, US Weekly and Readers Digest. Now I love these sites as much as the next guy but there is a huge value gap here for Content Advocates.

For non-corporate Content Advocates we have to constantly find and share awesome links to new resources and information hoping to be found by new potential audience members, who not only like the content you share but then have to consciously decide, let me check out his 130 character Twitter bio, where we are expected to surmise who I am, what I’m about and what’s the content I share?

The alternative is for the potential audience member to go see what type of content you have been sharing and creating however what if your best article or the article that will resonate most with the potential audience member is buried beneath 2 months worth of tweets or social shares? This process is clearly cumbersome for anyone and we at LinkPlug are looking to change that!

Previously popular social networks.

Social media is so saturated that getting noticed for Content Advocates and even Content Creators is augmenting. We believe if you provide value on social media then you have the right to allow your brand to be seen and discovered by potential audience members with the least friction possible

Neil Patel says, “It doesn’t matter if you have a masterpiece, because a masterpiece is not a masterpiece if no one sees it”.

LinkPlug allows both content creators and content advocates to Plug an interstitial page before the content they share to show potential audience members top content from your brand, showcase what you're passionate about, any campaigns or promotions you are currently holding or simply to say thanks for checking out my links!

As social media continues to permeate into every facet of our lives Now more than Ever is the time to make sure you maximize your brand's reach. Our Goal at LinkPlug is to provide Content Creators and Content Advocators the tools to engage potential audience members and build brand rapport and communities.

Social media avenues do not care about your brand or your brand’s engagement, they merely care about growth. They promote engagement but they want the engagement to be with a consistent stream of new people. Thus it is our job to make sure we attract the right people to our brand so we can help create and curate the best value for others and we at LinkPlug are stoked to help!

Written by: Edwin
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