The Social Media Tool to get Initial Traction & Increase Sales for your E-Book

So you just finished your E-book or are working on your E-book and maybe wondering “How can I get more views to this E-book”, that I have been fervently working on.

I will be self publishing an E-book in the near future on Exercise Physiology. So I thought it would be useful to share some tips and tricks, based on his experiences and my research on how Link Plug can tailor to your needs as an Author.

If you are just thinking or wanting to write an E-book I recommend checking out my previous article: Thinking about Self Publishing an E-book? Why Statistics Prove it’s Never Been a Better Time, to Publish Your Own Book.

The Brainstorming & Researching

If you are an experienced Author you know that the days leading up to a book launch are pivotal. It is a time to brainstorm and lay down the framework of how you will publish, distribute and market your self published E-book.

Planning and Execution are particularly important in the E-book weeks first launch because you want to gain initial traction to ensure you get on your distributors “Best Seller” or “Editor’s Choice” list. Every distributor has a different algorithm to determine who get’s on their Prestigious Lists’ however usually the factors are:

  1. Number of Positive Reviews
  2. Number of Sales
  3. How the E-books performed at Launch.

Tips And Tricks to Maximize the Precious Pre-Launch Window

The Pre-Launch time is very exciting time not only for the Author but also for potential customers. Remember that during Pre-Launch you have the element of Curiosity on your side, use it!

Which tickles your curiosity more?

Love Photoshop? Check out my E-book, “27 of the Best Shortcuts for Photoshop CS6”. Get it Now!

Photoshop ebook Main CTA bad

Love Photoshop? Check out my E-book, “27 of the Best Shortcuts for Photoshop CS6”. Get Early Access!

Photoshop ebook Main CTA good

See how just changing two words can make a big difference? Everyone wants to be part of something that is Exclusive or for a Limited time.

Know your Target Demographic; who will Love your E-book the most?

Even though everyone loves a special event, no one will want your E-book if you are marketing it to the wrong people. Why would a Registered Nurse want to learn about Photoshop, I doubt a patient in ICU would care about a flyer for Diabetes Awareness month…

To prevent this make sure to Brianstorm and really think about what type of person would get the Most Value from your E-book. This exercise is very important because if you plan on self-publishing on Amazon you will have to select 2 categories your E-book will be classified under. This decision is often Irreversible so make sure you really think about who would benefit most from reading your E-book.

photoshop ebook customer

A great way to make sure you are targeting the right people is to tweet and share information relevant to your E-book! Link Plug’s Suggested Content section was created because we ran some tests on this feature and saw that it reduced Bounce Rate of the Plugs. We currently generate the suggested content from your twitter feed, so tweet often about your E-book’s subject!

Photoshop ebook content suggest

This will ensure that when someone, who potentially is interested in your subject, sees your Plug they will not only see your knowledgeable and credible in the subject matter but they can also follow the links to learn more about the subject and you!

Get Early E-book Traction from Early Customers

Lastly remember how I said use Curiosity to your advantage? The email list feature is the perfect tool to collect emails from people interested in your E-book.

As I mentioned, book distributors look very highly upon E-books that have good reviews, especially early on. Make sure to email any early customers and get their honest opinions on your E-book. When customers say, “I Loved it!” make sure to politely ask if they could Support you by writing a good review.

Photoshop ebook Email Signup

Emailing people that Signed Up about the progress or success of your campaign is also important. Everyone wants to be a part of a successful campaign, especially if they contributed! Thank them for all their support.

Get Feedback and Build Trust

The conversations you have with people from your email list will also become very important in the long-term success of your Authorship.

Get to really know your customers and find out what they liked or didn’t like about your E-book. This information will be invaluable when you start to create your next E-book, plus odds are the people that gave you advice for your next E-book will want to support you again!

Written by: Edwin
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