Is your Brand Promoting too much on Social Media? The Disney Brand’s Special Sauce.

What’s the big difference between Walmart & Disney’s Branding? Does one or the other make you feel more elicit a different emotion?

If it does you are probably one of the millions who has been affected by Disney’s world renown marketing and branding team. Now you may say that is an unfair comparison as Disney is in the business of entertaining while Walmart sells products. Touche!

“But tell me, How does that make you feeeeel?”

Well let’s use the same exercise using Nike instead of Disney, no pun intended. So what’s the difference between the two brands Walmart and Nike? Both sell products yet one elicits an emotion more than the other, why?

Despite both having had their stints of bad PR in the past, Nike similar to Disney is very focused on their marketing, specifically in an effort to garner a sense of emotion and connect with their audience.

Additionally Nike and Disney both have another thing in common, Andy Mooney.

Mooney knows a thing or two about branding. He has been with Nike for 20 yrs, rising to CMO and currently is the chairman of Disney’s Consumer Products. He is the genius behind the Disney Princess Brand.

Disney Brand’s Special Sauce

special disney sauce

He describes social media as, “adjunct to everything we do for deepening the emotional ties and the franchises”. He routinely talks about how social media is the best avenue for brand recognizing and connection with a fan base.

So how should we do that, you might ask. Simple.

Use the tactic Disney uses marketing. Put yourself in the your customers shoes and make sure your content makes you feel a connection with your Brand.

One of Disney’s best marketing campaigns was a behind the scenes series with Jon Lasseter, creator of Toy Story, the series collectively got over 10 million views. Why? Lasseter and Disney did a fantastic job connecting with the audience and provided gimps into the story and emotion behind some of the franchises most beloved characters.

How do you Self Promote on Social Media?

Unfortunately these great tactics are sometimes in stark contrast to how many of us use social media today. Many of use social media as a means to pollute our audience’s newsfeed with self-promotion.

Now that is not unwarranted because self-promotion has become a wide spread plague on social media, and “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, right?

The allure of constantly tweeting self promotion has created this dichotomy of having to self promote because everyone is doing it! I can’t lag behind my competition when they are self-promoting and I am not.

The Better Way to Share Content on Social Media

As a business it is important to self promote however blatantly putting your Brand in front of your customer’s eyes, in this case their social media’s newsfeed is not the way.

That however is our mission at LinkPlug!

Brian and I hate seeing mindless self-promotion on our social media newsfeeds, but as entrepreneurs we understand the need to promote. Our mission with LinkPlug is to find the perfect mix of value, engagement and marketing to make sharing and promoting on social media better than ever.

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Written by: Edwin
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