How LinkPlug can help Musicians Stop being Busy and Start being Successful

Who ever said being a musician was all fame and glory? The life of a musician is hectic, volatile and arduous. You never stop working.

All for what? A shot at fame and glory? Your name in lights? Admiration from thousands maybe millions of people? No, musicians work their ass off for an opportunity to get paid to do something they love. They empathize and help people during their tough times; letting them know they are not alone. They rejuvenate and motivate people to work hard and achieve their dreams. They make music to celebrate when life is good. We support musicians to help move us through the power of music.

How we treat our Social Media

If music is such an emotional and personal art form, then why don’t all musicians treat their social media the same way? If your fans are the reason you get paid then why is engaging with them not at the heart of everything you do?

The answer is probably simple, money.

The allure of using social media to simply advertise can sometimes be too tempting; it diverts us from using it for what social media was meant to do, share and engage.

Sharing is Caring

sharing is caring

Sharing and engaging is the undisputed way to grow and properly leverage your social media. If you share awesome music, videos, articles, interviews or news, whether it’s from you or from around the web, people will start to notice. If you focus on actually Entertaining your fans, then they will appreciate the awesome stuff you provide and they will re-share it and support you as an artist, because you Entertain them.

Share awesome shit, got it.

Okay, just Add that to my million other things To-Do

Unfortunately artists are busy, too busy. Busy writing lyrics, busy producing beats, busy playing shows, busy networking, busy collaborating, busy social media marketing. So how are you suppose to spend time talking and engaging your social media accounts when you have so many other pressing issues?

busy busy busy

Simple let LinkPlug take care of the marketing while you concentrate on creating and sharing awesome stuff!

What can LinkPlug do for Me?

We created LinkPlug to let the content you share do the social media marketing for you, in a more effective manner.

We want to empower you to focus less on marketing and more on what artists are great at, Creating!

As an artist you’re always creating, always thinking, always sharing. Unfortunately when you need to share something important like a new song, mixtape, album or upcoming show, it gets lost in a Sea of Content. Then you resort to having to constantly tweet or share your new stuff. You start blowing up your fans newsfeed, you look like your trying to hard.

Think about your newsfeed, would you buy from someone who constantly fills your newsfeed with self-promotion?

Instead install LinkPlug and automatically advertise your new song, merchandise, album, event/appearance or upcoming show whenever you share on social media.

Even better LinkPlug allows you to engage your fans by providing links to your most popular content.

musician steve multi device

Remember that Sea of Content? Allow new or potential fans to see your best music video, interview or songs whenever you share anything on social media!

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Written by: Edwin
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