Marketing a Self-Published Book: The Future of the Publishing Industry in Your Hands

Link Plug allows for the capability to promote any kind of product or service, and tie it to the industry through great content about the topic. Self-publishing’s evolution has turned from an amusing alternative while supplying your manuscript to long-established publishers to a fully functional system.

Self published author K.A. Tucker wrote and released some generally vague and predictable albeit fitting Young Adult works completely on her own. When her novel about a drunk driving accident, Ten Tiny Breaths, broke walls and found a large audience, an intrigued subdivision of Simon & Schuster signed her for a four book contract.

This path of independence is a serious and valuable option which has seen incredible success for a select few. Did you know E.L. James comically popular Fifty Shades of Gray series began as a fanfiction to Twilight, reworked as an original fan-fiction work?

Best Options for Self-Publishing Your Book

Link Plug will promote your book, but you first need a platform to drive traffic to. There are three main methods to distributing your book, all of which can be sources to funnel traffic to in your new self published work.

Marketing and Distribution Platform: The first option most users will turn to is a promotional and design platform. The best ones will allow for template cover designs, physical publishing, and connections to Amazon and other web retailers. CreateSpace is one of the best, but it caters to design in multiple industries and not just eBooks. Lulu is the densest, with the greatest number of self publishing features. It also has suitable click tracking features, though not as intimate or colorful as what is offered through Link Plug’s click analysis and testing.

Physical Book and an Ecommerce: Some of these platforms will allow users to have a specific sales page where users can buy their book. Link Plug can direct traffic to this exact location, where a physical book can be ordered. The marketing with a physical book is much different from a digital book. For one, a digital eBook can be marketed through mobile markets, including Kindle’s direct publishing platform. An eCommerce platform, such as Amazon, has traffic come from all around the world. By simply applying the right topics and SEO in the description, authors can bring in traffic by extension.

A Dedicated Website: It could be smart to go the purely independent route. Users create a dedicated site, advertise the Link Plug traffic directly to it, and offer digital downloads of their ebooks. It is always smart to offer fans a physical option, so users can print copies of their book prior to selling (through a printing platform like Lulu or Siminars) and then sell their books directly through their site. Individuals here will do all their own mailing and marketing, but they avoid middlemen and fitting certain content restrictions.

How to use Link Plug as a Self-Published Author

Any of these three distinct options offers an opportunity for using Link Plug. Link Plug can drive traffic to a dedicated site, a major web retailer, or a dedicated self publishing platform. Read the basics of building a link here. Your latest horror novel can find an audience. Say a press release for the latest Stephen King book is released. You can share this press release to your followers and attach a plug about your own supernatural mystery. Below are just a few examples for marketing your book on Link Plug.

  • While Waiting for Michael Sullivan’s Next Volume in The Riyria Revelations, read the first chapter of ‘insert your book here.’
  • I was inspired by J.K. Rowling to craft this mind-bending tale of redemption- and time travel?
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get new updates and commentary on the ongoing Game of Thrones series

The last example is not so much about a specific self published book. It captivates viewers through a vlog which can extend to a book at a later time. Link Plug’s versatility and merging of various mediums and content provides that pulse of web culture that we all crave and love.

Written by: Ryan
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