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Enhanced Sharing Experience

Do you have a new album, ebook, training course or special event to tell your social networks about?

Keep social media audiences updated simply by plugging links to the awesome content you're already sharing.


Grow Brand Presence

Link Plug allows you to promote your brand with every social media sharing opportunity without polluting newsfeeds.

Simply create a plug with info about your brand, services, content, current events or specials the add personal touch with various customizations.


Plug Links. See Results.

Link Plug allows users to stay focused on creativity and sharing great content and less time social media marketing.
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Our Story

Sharing Content on Social Media can be a bit overwhelming. It seems everyone does it, but still, it's tough to see results and leverage virality when sharing. Social media is highly competitive and getting your brand noticed is becoming increasingly difficult.

We built a tool that enabled social media to be our primary marketing route when growing our first business together. Just like everyone else, we share awesome content on social media, but we generate more conversions and traffic!

LinkPlug is the successor to our original tool, made to help you advertise promotions, drive website traffic and get subscribers from social media.

We used LinkPlug to grow our business and now we want you to use the same software to grow your business!

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